What is meditation?


What is meditation?

Meditation has been used for centuries all over the world. People that have been practicing meditation for a long time can radiate peace and well-being. Meditation is the best tool available to us to find happiness and peace of mind.  Yet, despise it being known, practiced and praised for so long it is still not part of our every day life. Why? Maybe because meditation can be both easy and difficult at the same time.

Why is meditation easy?

  • It is free! It is not something only available to the richest people in the world, it is available to anyone! Its does not cost any money, nothing, nada!
  • It is technically easy to do, we just have to sit down and close our eyes. How easy is that!
  • it does not take too much of our precious time. If we can spare twenty minutes a day that`s already plenty. We can always wake up 20 mn earlier, go to bed 20 mn later, or spend 20 mn less on Facebook or watching TV.
  • we don`t have to think hard about anything, on the contrary the less we think the better it is!

Why is meditation so difficult?

  • mainly because we identify with our mind AND

What the mind says:

  • ‘i don`t have time today’
  • ‘i`ll do it later’
  • ‘i`ll start tomorrow’
  • ‘pfff, it`s too hard’
  • ‘i don`t want to’
  • `’i don`t feel like it’
  • i rather eat, watch TV or check Facebook again’

Why does the mind say that?

The main aim of meditation is to quiet the mind. A quiet mind = peace. But the mind itself doesn`t want to be quiet! It wants to be active, busy, heard, listen to. It just wants to talk talk talk!!!

Meditation can quieten and stop the mind. The mind does not want to disappear so it will do anything to stop YOU from meditating. It will give give you ALL the excuses in the world not to meditate, EVERY TIME you will try to.

YOU are NOT your mind. If you can learn to quieten, stop and control something, it means that THAT THING is not you, it is separate from you.

So why should you meditate?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life listening and being controlled by a voice in your head which is NOT REALLY YOU?

It is like having a TV in our head, switch on all day long on the same channel, with no remote to change channels or turn it off.

Meditation is the remote control.

What could happen if you start practicing meditation?

  • you can become in control of your mind
  • you can become in control of your thoughts
  • if you control your thoughts, you control your emotions
  • you will become happier
  • you will become more peaceful.
  • no more stress, no more worries
  • your life will change

Shall I start meditation?

  • If you are 100% happy with your life and yourself, you probably don`t need to
  • if not, you`ve got nothing to lose, except your mind maybe  😉



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  1. bipolar2what says:

    If you are 100% happy. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Do those people exist? Another thing I have learned about meditation is it is a lot about breathing and control. Most of mine start with breathing in through the nose hold for five seconds and exhale slowly from the mouth. I have a work book with instructions that I record on my phone and listen to guide me through meditation. It really helps. You are right it does take self discipline. It works better the more you do it.


    1. karenwilson says:

      yes that`s right, it becomes easier with practice.And yes breathing is important as a slow/deep breath will slow the mind. Keep on meditating!


  2. Reblogged this on Finding your inner happiness and commented:
    I’ve recently started meditation and yoga and I completely agree with this post; sometimes my sessions are completely unsuccessful because I’m listening to my poisonous mind. But yes ‘we are not our mind’.


  3. Belle says:

    Love your post! Always did it after exercising! It clears my mind and helps me to refocus! 😀


  4. I find that if I give myself just 5-10 mins to meditate it can make a major difference in my day. And like the above commenter, Belle, I too prefer to do it after moving my body in exercise or yoga.


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