What is Love?


What is love?

love is what remains when we let go of fear

love is what hides behind our worries

love is what is waiting patiently behind our anger

love is in our heart while we are busy thinking in our head

love is what we are

love is who we are

love is


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  1. Marty says:

    Nice,, very nice

    We seem to believe we need to develop something, achieve something, overcome something.

    When our perfection and happiness are complete, perfect, covered by judgment, doubt, worry fear and thought..

    And love in a spiritual sense is a different animal.

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  2. SiriusOryon says:

    Beautiful. Simple. True.

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  3. adjeteyanang says:

    Great pice dear.. Love is what keeps me going everyday.. God bless you

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  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    Love is what this poem expresses.


  5. Your poem’s fantastic
    with flower of passion
    Indeed protoplastic
    Let’s love without ration

    Pure love is simplistic
    but such is not passion
    Pure love’s altruistic
    Lets make it a fashion!

    Pure love is to give
    to give what is needed
    Pure love is to live
    Pure love can be feeded

    Pure love is to balance
    the new generations
    Pure love is a challenge
    for many our nations

    Pure love for smart child
    through caring our junctions
    and not going wild
    and know some math functions

    Pure love creates light
    Pure love promote good
    Pure love is so bright
    Just like Robin Hood


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