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Behind the clouds I AM

In the quietness I reside

At peace I always AM

Inside I will be found

In the space in between thoughts






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  1. dbp49 says:

    Very nice. The entire piece is very relaxing, as well as life-affirming in some particular way that I find quite pleasing. Thank-you.


  2. YesRising says:

    “found In the space in between thoughts” Yes, Yes, Yes! 🙂

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      1. Love the simplicity and truth of this – thank you. In some Sanskrit meditation the I AM is described as : behind and in front; to the left and to the right; above and below; within and without.

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  3. In four feet of snow with more coming, the lighthouse and your being behind the clouds gives pause to the silence that is there. Beautiful, spare, writing. Do you know Mary Oliver, the poet?

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    1. karenwilson says:

      Thank you :). No I don`t know Mary Oliver, but I will research her work, thanks.


      1. Mary Oliver is a Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award poet who is now 79.
        I think you would like her work. Just ordered her book on writing poetry and her latest. All on Amazon. Krista Tibbett who wrote Einstein’s Brain is on public radio and she recently did a very rare interview with Mary Oliver. If you cannot find the link, I can send via e-mail.

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  4. lenasclove says:

    thank you for this poem!

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    1. karenwilson says:

      you`re welcome 🙂

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