Take action now


We are not here forever, we can’t spend our days doing things we don’t like for an uncertain future.
We owe it to ourselves to find something we like, do it every day and make a living out of it. We can’t no longer use excuses or fear or victimisation or blame others or fate for our lives. Because that doesn’t serve us and won’t help us. We need to stop procrastinating and start acting now to make the changes we need to live the life that we want.
Life is short, way too short.
And we don’t know when it will end for us.

We need to live not survive.
We need to be happy.
We need to create a life that when we
wake up in the morning we are grateful for another awesome day.
This is our lives.
This is your life.

K. Wilson.

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  1. YesRising says:

    Well stated Karen . Thanks for all the brightness you bring to our world


    1. karenwilson says:

      Thank you 🙂


  2. Lisa-Jane says:

    Love this …I have just left a 24yr career in IT for a new career, following my passion and souls calling in Energy Healing. I am getting tired of people telling me it is not a “proper” job and I won’t be able to support my 3 children. I let go of these negative comments and trust I will be supported in doing something I love in order to serve others
    Thank you so much for the positive aspirational words as a reminder to me x


    1. karenwilson says:

      You’ve done the right thing! Congratulations, it’s definitely not easy making these kind of choices that go against society beliefs and trigger our own fears. Well done!

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