“Meditation is gym for the mind.
We will never find happiness outside of us. Happiness happens when we think positive thoughts, and that is something that can be learned.
​The same goes for peace. The only place we will find peace is within ourselves when all thinking stops.
​ Meditation is simply a training to become in control of our mind instead of being controlled by it.”
Karen Wilson




 Karen Wilson offers quality private meditation and self-development retreats in Byron Bay, Australia, as well as private meditation classes and mindfulness workshops.


Karen has been a spiritual teacher and healer for more than 15 years. She has practiced intensive periods of meditation and has studied the working of the mind for many years. She healed herself from anxiety, mild depression, and thyroid disorder with meditation, Reiki and natural medicine.
She learnt that often the mind is standing in the way of a happy and fulfilled life and she teaches people how to become in control of their mind to find true and long lasting happiness.
She teaches private retreats in Byron Bay to empower people by teaching them tools that will change the quality of their life forever. She knows meditation is not easy and as such created a program different from other meditation retreats by incorporating meditation teaching and techniques into outdoors activities. By the end of the retreat you will know how to meditate and practice different techniques without having spent hours in a sitting position. This makes the retreat a lot more fun and meditation a lot more enjoyable and simpler to incorporate back into daily life.

The Byron Bay private retreats offer a  personalised program aimed at assisting you in understanding and finding who you truly are. You will be given guidance and techniques to free yourself from the burden of an over thinking mind and to regain control of yourself, your thoughts and your emotions.


The retreats aim to support and guide you to find inner peace and joy. We will practice a lot of meditations, all different, as well as some outdoor activities, to provide you with different techniques, different ‘tools’ which you can then take home and keep on practicing. It is a spiritual and meditation retreat, for people who want to change their lives.  It is a unique opportunity to experience awareness and presence.

This truly is a life changing experience. You will leave the retreat as a new person, more connected with your soul and ready to enjoy your life journey.


For more information or to book a retreat please CONTACT Karen


“Some things I always thought about, questioned randomly in life. Some others I knew and felt in my heart. Karen has managed to tidy and explain all of them in a wonderful way. Thank you Karen, with love.”  – Alexandre Pepe

“If you read this, you are just about to achieve something wonderful in your life. Only you can decide. Enjoy.”

“A radically wonderful “life-turn” experience with Karen. I will never be the same person since the retreat.”

“I did a meditation retreat in Byron Bay with Karen for one week. I learn several kinds of meditation and many tools to calm my mind on a daily basis. As I have many bad habits with my thoughts, it was not easy for me, but Karen was always very positive and supported me every time.  Now, I know how to shift my thoughts and my life is lighter and I have much less worries. I can choose any kind of meditation practice and I don’t get bored. This retreat gave me the confidence that I couldn’t find in the spiritual books. Karen was like a booster for me. Since then, I see my life in a very different way and it’s wonderful! Thank you so much! “  – Peggy Moriceau.

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