Free will

We can change and choose our thoughts.

Work and make money!

Work hard. Then work harder.Forty hours a week or even more.Only stop for 5 weeks out of 52.Do that for at least 40 years.Make money. Plenty of it. Or at least try.So one dayMaybeIn the very long term futureYou might be freeJust before dying.Does it really make sense?Live Now. K. Wilson

We are just having an experience

There’s no yesterday, there’s no tomorrow, there’s only now. Just a succession of moments in the present. In the moment we are experiencing a thought and an emotion through an external trigger. Yet we are none of them. We are just the one having the experience. K.Wilson My latest inspirational ebook ‘Awaken’ is finally available…

The real secret!

“Do you want to know a secret? : You are NOT your mind.” K.Wilson

Be still and listen

Close your eyes and listen,Be still and listen,Be silent and listen.Can you hear?Listen more closely.Breath deeply.What about now,Can you hear it?What is your soul trying to tell you?Pay attention, it’s message is important.Quiet the mind and listen to your true self.It knows all the answers.

Who are you?

Who are you?Are you the body?Are you the mind?Are you the emotion?Are you all of that?Are you none of them?Who are you?


  Behind the clouds I AM In the quietness I reside At peace I always AM Inside I will be found In the space in between thoughts THERE I AM   K.Wilson