The power of the Word.

What does one word mean

when all is meaningless

when words like thoughts are just ideas floating on clouds

made of thin air

with no beginning and no ending.

What does one word mean

when we are all day bombarded by random texts

by thousand words we catch here and there

that we read, we hear and then we forget

What does one word mean

when we spend our days listening to the ones in our heads

all messed up, pulling us here and there

backwards, forwards,

we are running behind them trying to catch them

looking for answers

searching for their meaning in our lives

What does one word mean

when it is lost among all these?

And what would it mean if it were to stand alone,

in its glory

in its power

in its simplicity

It is everything, it is all that is, it is all we are looking for.


Mindful poetry


The washer women’s delight

Some may know this tale alright

know the washer woman’s plight

Piles of laundry fill her sight

Washing, scrubbing ,morn till night

bending , lifting, nothing light

A thankless job, always trite

It’s seems her life is just a slight

Yet ,watch a while. Am I right?

Have I overlooked this site?

The sun is shining very bright

leaves are glistening in the light

A knowing grin ,very slight

birds are singing with delight

Her pose appears, more upright

A shirt is dancing like a kite

While butterflies play in flight

eyes are shining big and bright

A smile brings her face alight

how does she do it, such insight ?

Could it work for me? It might..

simply choose to,see a right?

And share the washer women’s delight?

Poem written by R.Wiley

For peace..

Let’s meditate for peace.

Let’s close our eyes and drop all of our little problems. Let’s focus on making the world a better place first. Because if there is no world left, there will be no us either.

Let’s close our eyes and send beams of love towards the whole planet. We had centuries of fear, anger, wars and revenge and it still doesn’t work. So let’s try Love this time and see what happens.

Let’s close our eyes and send beams of light to the world. Darkness has been here waiting for the light to shine the way.

Let’s close our eyes and send hope to the world. We can’t give up and despair, humanity can stay strong and survive. We’ve been through worse.

Let’s close our eyes and visualize a world where peace and harmony reign. Where it is safe for our children to play in the streets. Where we can live together despite our different beliefs. Where we are no longer scared of one another. A world where it is safe to be ourselves no matter who we want to be.

Let’s close our eyes and pray for this world to be manifested.

And then let’s open our eyes and take action to make it happen.

K. Wilson


This special place

Byron Bay love

Find the place within you where all is still.

Where there is no past, where there is no future.

The place where peace is, away from the over crowded mind.

The place where you can feel the bliss of being and the perfection of life.

The place where all life’s problems suddenly disappear because all thoughts about them have left.

The place within us which is always there but that sometimes we forget about because we went so far with the illusions of the mind.

But which is always there for us to come back to at any time.

The place of presence, the place of being , the place of the soul.

Right here, right now behind the loud mind, in between thoughts, in the silence of being.

Close your eyes and breathe.

Here it is.

K. Wilson

What is happiness?


Happiness is not something we will find outside.
We tend to believe that once we get the ‘thing’ (job, money, partner, fame etc) then we will be finally happy for the rest of our lives.
But what we find out is that when we finally get this ‘thing’ , happiness is only short lived. It doesn’t take long before something else is missing. So we start running again after this new ‘thing’ believing that after that we will be happy. But the same story keeps on repeating itself over and over again, because happiness isn’t in outside “things”.Happiness needs to be found inside ourselves. Happiness is a state of mind not a state of ‘things’.      So the search needs to do a u-turn.But once this state of happiness is find then it is there always, no matter what ‘things’ we have or don’t have.





What is the real meaning of life?
Gathering as much money as we can before dying?
Spending most of our youth working before finally resting when the body is then too old to enjoy?
Always planning for the future thinking that when we’ll have everything under control then we will be fine?
Missing out on the present because we are too busy rushing towards the end of the game?
Let’s stop.
Let’s breathe.
Let’s look around us.
This is our life.
Right here.
Right now.
It is happening.
Let’s live it.