Meditation to activate the root chakra

Meditation to open the root chakra Stand up barefoot on the grass or the beach.Legs slightly opened, arms down, palms facing up.Close your eyes.Now on the in breath imagine a beautiful red light coming from deep within Mother Earth up your left leg.Visualize that red light filling in, energizing and activating your root chakra ( hips to…

Meditation to open the heart chakra

I take a big breath in and center myself in my heart.I open my root chakra and connect with Mother Earth.I open my crown chakra and open myself to receive the universal energy life force.I breathe in deeply.I breathe out deeply.I breathe in deeply.I breathe out deeply.I focus on my heart.I open my heart to…

The Power of the Mind and Meditation

We hold the power within ourselves to change our thoughts and even to stop our mind at once.And when we become able to control our mind, we also become in control of how we experience life.The best tool I know that can bring us this new quality of life is the practice of meditation.

4 Ways To Let Go Of Stress And Become Present

Originally Posted on LaMav Blog on February 23, 2016   Get Rid Of Stress & Find Inner Peace With Karen Wilson Meditation teacher at  Awaken Meditation Retreats and author of 3 books, Karen Wilson is definitely an inspiring figure you can learn a lot from. In her mid 20`s, Karen has practiced long periods of…

Positive affirmations to change subconscious thought patterns

The repetition of affirmations can on the long term reprogram the subconscious. The subconscious mind is about 80% of our being and is responsible for manifesting our reality. It is programmed around our BELIEFS. These beliefs have been mostly programmed during our childhood through our parents, schools, society and through our own perception of reality then.  By…

How to meditate: listening for mindfulness

Simple meditation technique This meditation technique is very simple yet can bring great results. Again, start by finding a nice place to meditate and sit comfortably for twenty minutes or more. Have a few deep breaths. Then listen. Start listening to any noise that you can hear. Close or far away. Birds` songs. Car horns….

How to meditate: A simple visualization technique

There are two types of meditation: one uses the mind, the other tries to let go of it. Visualization is a meditation technique that uses the mind. Today technique aims to train the mind to be more focused, more under control while experiencing with energy at the same time. This simple visualization technique uses colors….

How to meditate: 4 important steps

1.  The right place You need to find the right setting first. A place where you will not be disturbed. No one is supposed to walk in the room to ask you what`s for dinner. Tell your partner and kids that for the next 20 minutes you are not here. No phone. No music. No outside distractions….

7 reasons why we should meditate

Health: A stress-free body will repair and heal itself quicker than a stress-full body. Meditation is like fresh air, like healthy food, like physical exercise. It keeps your body and mind in perfect shape and condition. Happiness: If you learn how to control your mind, then you know how to stop your negative thoughts and replace them…