The MIND For years and years, I identified myself with my mind. I thought I was the mind. What a surprise when I discovered I was not! It changed everything. It was a big relief for me because as a teenager, despite being one of the smartest kids at school, I believed myself crazy….

We will come back and do it all again

We live.We are alive.For a short amount of time.There’s nothing that matters really.All will be gone eventually.All possessions gone.All money gone.All our youth gone.All our beauty gone.But our Soul will keep on going.Enriched from the beautiful moments she has shared.Enlightened from all her experiences.Shining brighter from all the love she has received and all the…

Where are you NOW?

Each moment is unique, important and will never come back.Are you fully here to live it?If not why not?Where are your thoughts?In the past?In the future?Come back to the present now.Only NOW is your life.Live it. K. Wilson

But Sometimes We Forget

Beauty is always there, But sometimes we forget to look. Truth is always there, But sometimes we forget to seek. Happiness is always there, But sometimes we forget to feel. Peace is always there, But sometimes we forget to BE. K.Wilson

Please Silence my Mind

Silence my mind so all my problems can disappear, So for just a minute I don’t have to think, Let me in that space of no thoughts, Just bath in pure bliss. Oh please be quiet mind, So for once, I can just be ME K.Wilson

Meditation to activate the root chakra

Meditation to open the root chakra Stand up barefoot on the grass or the beach.Legs slightly opened, arms down, palms facing up.Close your eyes.Now on the in breath imagine a beautiful red light coming from deep within Mother Earth up your left leg.Visualize that red light filling in, energizing and activating your root chakra ( hips to…

Meditation to open the heart chakra

I take a big breath in and center myself in my heart.I open my root chakra and connect with Mother Earth.I open my crown chakra and open myself to receive the universal energy life force.I breathe in deeply.I breathe out deeply.I breathe in deeply.I breathe out deeply.I focus on my heart.I open my heart to…

Easy meditation techniques to learn meditation

I haven’t been posting much recently as I have been busy working on my next book, a memoir focused on my personal and spiritual development over the past twenty years. In the meantime I have made my last ebook finally available in paperback on Amazon. So feel free to check it out if you need…

What is true silence?

Is true silence found at the top of a mountain? Is true silence found at the bottom of the sea? Is true silence found in the middle of the rain? Is true silence found in a monastery? Or is true silence found in the center of myself, When all thoughts of past and future have…