Work and make money!

Work hard. Then work harder.Forty hours a week or even more.Only stop for 5 weeks out of 52.Do that for at least 40 years.Make money. Plenty of it. Or at least try.So one dayMaybeIn the very long term futureYou might be freeJust before dying.Does it really make sense?Live Now. K. Wilson


Stop the mind NOW!If what is being said in your head has nothing to do with what surrounds you now, it is NOT real.You don’t have to listen to it. K.Wilson

How do we define ourselves?

When life gives you blessings, how do you receive them?When life gives you challenges, how do you react to them?We can define ourselves by how well we deal with difficult situations and how grateful we are the rest of the time.Life is not with us or against us. We are not a winner nor a…


Freedom is a state of mind We are free when we are able to choose our thoughts We are free when we are present with our emotions without getting too much affected by them We are free when we can find that space inside of us where everything is calm and perfect. We are free…