Breathe. Easy and steady breathe now. I am in the air, I am feeding you, I am sustaining you, breathe me now. Let me fill your body with peace, let me fill your heart with love. I am everywhere, I am in all, I am ALL, let me be in you. Let’s become one, I … More Breathe

This special place

Find the place within you where all is still. Where there is no past, where there is no future. The place where peace is, away from the over crowded mind. The place where you can feel the bliss of being and the perfection of life. The place where all life’s problems suddenly disappear because all … More This special place

Outer peace & Innerpeace

Peace isn’t something outside ourselves. We don’t experience peace when all our life’s problems are finally solved, as this will never happen.We only experience peace when all thoughts about “problems” finally stopped.When our mind is at peace then it doesn’t matter if our life is or not.Peace is internal.Peace is when our mind isn’t.Peace is … More Outer peace & Innerpeace