The power of the Word. What does one word mean when all is meaningless when words like thoughts are just ideas floating on clouds made of thin air with no beginning and no ending. What does one word mean when we are all day bombarded by random texts by thousand words we catch here and … More WORD POWER


This is a poem by my partner Rohan from Awaken Meditation Retreats This poem was written as a reflection of how our beliefs are formed and the irony  that  they are learned,they are not a representation of our true self.Yet people will fight, argue and even kill those who oppose their beliefs.Inspired by the Lindt bombing in Australia … More OUR BELIEFS


Love is the only reality. Everything else can disappear in an instant, in a blink of an eye, in a moment of freedom, when we realize that we always have the choice to change our perception, to change our thoughts, to change our mind, to be happy. When in a moment of awakening, we become … More Love