The power of the Word.

What does one word mean

when all is meaningless

when words like thoughts are just ideas floating on clouds

made of thin air

with no beginning and no ending.

What does one word mean

when we are all day bombarded by random texts

by thousand words we catch here and there

that we read, we hear and then we forget

What does one word mean

when we spend our days listening to the ones in our heads

all messed up, pulling us here and there

backwards, forwards,

we are running behind them trying to catch them

looking for answers

searching for their meaning in our lives

What does one word mean

when it is lost among all these?

And what would it mean if it were to stand alone,

in its glory

in its power

in its simplicity

It is everything, it is all that is, it is all we are looking for.



This is a poem by my partner Rohan from Awaken Meditation Retreats

This poem was written as a reflection of how our beliefs are formed and the irony  that  they are learned,they are not a representation of our true self.Yet people will fight, argue and even kill those who oppose their beliefs.Inspired by the Lindt bombing in Australia but particularly poignant in the wake of the Charlie tragedy in France.

This irony of life is brief

opinions stem from our belief

beliefs come from our thoughts in turn

our thoughts again from what we learn

a tiny child, these thoughts begin

environment, culture , kin

bones grow thick and bodies long

thoughts too, grow big and strong

what a feeling, being right

that sudden rush, ego’s delight.

beliefs now ours to argue, blame

our children learn to do the same


But to the mirror, blame behold!

These thoughts of ours, another sold

Now if we pause and still our mind

a moment’s peace, we may just find

when next a thought comes strong and proud

and feel we must share to the crowd

observe the thought and question why

this thought I have, where did I buy?

a coin, two sides there is to it

a shoe another foot may fit

the thought now ours to leave or share

this thought may grow if freed to air

and if it grow will good it make?

or will another path it take?

now owner of our thoughts are we

The Witness , not the irony



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Love is the only reality.

Everything else can disappear in an instant,

in a blink of an eye,

in a moment of freedom,

when we realize that we always have the choice to change our perception,

to change our thoughts,

to change our mind,

to be happy.

When in a moment of awakening,

we become conscious of our true power,

we get a glimpse of who we really are.

In that moment,

in ANY moment,

we can choose to smile,

we can choose love.

And then we realize that it was there all along,

we just forgot about it,

we just shifted our perception,

we just picked another thought.

But love was, is, and always will be.

It is HERE, NOW.