Stressed Out? Try Some ‘Mindfulness’ Practice

Contribution from freelance writer Sally Writes Stressed Out? Try Some ‘Mindfulness’ Practice The word mindfulness has become a prominent fixture in western vernacular in the past couple of decades. It is a direct translation of the pali word ‘Sati’ which literally means to ‘keep something in mind’. So then, what exactly does this practice entail? … More Stressed Out? Try Some ‘Mindfulness’ Practice

Why You Need To Go on A Spiritual or Yoga Retreat

By Guest blogger Sally Writes Going on a spiritual vacation is one of the best ways to clear the mind, get in touch with one’s inner self, and achieve enlightenment. Every year, thousands of people go on a spiritual or yoga retreat to refresh their minds, with many travelling all the way to New South … More Why You Need To Go on A Spiritual or Yoga Retreat

Awaken now

When we go for a walk, what is more real: the experience of the walk or what is being said by our mind?Why are we walking looking down at our feet paying more attention to the stream of our thoughts than the colour of the sky?Why is so much attention being wasted listening to random … More Awaken now