Silence Silence of the mind is the quietest silence Even in the middle of a storm a quiet mind will be at peace In the silence of the mind only the soul we speak And from that voice truth will be revealed When truth is heard Bliss is experienced When bliss enters One becomes silent … More Silence

Be still and listen

Close your eyes and listen,Be still and listen,Be silent and listen.Can you hear?Listen more closely.Breath deeply.What about now,Can you hear it?What is your soul trying to tell you?Pay attention, it’s message is important.Quiet the mind and listen to your true self.It knows all the answers.


Behind the clouds I AM In the quietness I reside At peace I always AM Inside I will be found In the space in between thoughts THERE I AM


Leap of faith. When we get to that time in our lives when we feel very unhappy with our circumstances, whether it be our job, relationships etc., we know change needs to happen. Yet we are too scared to make a move. We rather stay with the false comfort of what we know rather than … More LEAP OF FAITH

Remember and smile

Even in our darkest times, Even in our darkest days, Even in our darkest moments, There is always light There is always love. We just need to remember it, Find it, See it, Feel it, And smile. We are alright.