Karen wilson

Leap of faith.

When we get to that time in our lives when we feel very unhappy with our circumstances, whether it be our job, relationships etc., we know change needs to happen.

Yet we are too scared to make a move.

We rather stay with the false comfort of what we know rather than taking a step toward an insecure unknown. So we hope, dream, wish for our lives to be different, while nothing changes. We start resenting others who seems to live their dreams.

Life doesn’t get better, it gets worse.

We are still unhappy. Maybe we start looking for ways to escape, alcohol, drugs,etc.

We feel we should make a move.

A steady voice inside ask us to let go and trust.

A little voice inside is telling us to take the first step, saying that we will be alright.

Yet that moving forward feel scarier than staying still.

Some will dare make the jump many will not.

Yet, can we really afford not to?

10 thoughts on “LEAP OF FAITH

  1. Excellent post! And exactly how I feel. As I’m sure you have found, most people are not ready to let go of what they think is ‘security’. They may never be, and they project their fear on to people like us. People who have been ‘unplugged’.

    I do wonder about people who let the fear win. Because the fear of getting to the end of my life and never having really tried to live my dreams, scares me so much more than taking the risk.

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

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