Gluten-free, tomato free, vegetarian lasagna

When you need to cook for vegetarian people with intolerance to gluten and nightshade vegetables some traditional meal seem to appear complicated! So I came up with this recipe last night and it was quite a success! Here’s what you need: fresh gluten-free lasagna sheets pumpkin zucchinis sweet potatoes rice flour & milk for a … More Gluten-free, tomato free, vegetarian lasagna

Quinoa salad

This recipe is really easy and REALLY good  . 1 cup quinoa ( cook in 1 1/2 water) . 2 tomatoes , cut in small dices . Half a zucchini, cut in small dices . Small block of feta cheese ( cut in small cubes) . 1 grated carrot . Fresh snow peas . Lots … More Quinoa salad