Free will


Free will and life

Not everything is as we want it to be, or as we try and force it to be, right? We are all young and happy thinking we are invincible and that life belongs to us.
Then along the way, no matter what we do or don’t do, we get hurt, we get sick, we get old. We experience pain and we experience loss.
No matter how hard we try we can’t avoid this and we can’t control Life.
We are not always free to choose all that happens to us.
So where is our free will then?
Our free will is what we do with what we have been given.
It is how we respond to Life.
It is what we do with our perception and our thoughts.
As I always say, we can always cry or laugh no matter what is happening around us.
We can change and choose our thoughts.
We can be miserable or we can be happy.
And that’s true freedom.
That’s our free will.
K. Wilson



The ultimate goal is not financial or material success, never was and never will. How much of that can we use once we are dead?
No the ultimate and only aim is self-realisation.

How much we have learned, how we have grown, how we have changed.

It is not what we create outside of us that matters, but what we do with ourselves.
We are our biggest creation.


Our destiny


We are the master of our destiny.
We shouldn’t let anyone or anything decide how we should live our life.
We came here to walk our own path and no one but ourselves know which way it goes.
The map lies within us and only by listening to our heart do we know which road to follow.
We need to trust ourselves always, as only we know what’s best for us.
K. Wilson .

How do we define ourselves?


When life gives you blessings, how do you receive them?
When life gives you challenges, how do you react to them?
We can define ourselves by how well we deal with difficult situations and how grateful we are the rest of the time.
Life is not with us or against us. We are not a winner nor a victim.
Life is.
It will always be full of blessings and full of hard times.
We are always in control on how we choose to react to each. That is our free will.

K. Wilson

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Jelly moment


Today was a jelly day!
While paddling in the surf among all those little stingers I thought about life.
Moving on with the flows of life, full of obstacles and dangers waiting to get us.
Shall we wait on the shore and watch life pass us by, too scared to make a move?
Or should we dare diving in , get a few stings along the way and get a few slides?
Life doesn’t wait for us.
Shall we go and get wet or just dream about it?
Is the ride worth the stings?
It sure is!