Free will

We can change and choose our thoughts.

I have forgotten

I will not forget to help everyone remember who they really are.

The meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? Is it the incessant quest for a future dream object? The daily building of a future security? A working path towards retirement? The search for the happy ending of ever after? Or is it more noticing what is already there, what we already have and don’t really need what…


   The MIND For years and years, I identified myself with my mind. I thought I was the mind. What a surprise when I discovered I was not! It changed everything. It was a big relief for me because as a teenager, despite being one of the smartest kids at school, I believed myself crazy….

Slow Down

slow down walk slow talk slow eat slow do everything very slowly and then your mind will also slow down

What is meditation?

What is meditation? Meditation has been used for centuries all over the world. People that have been practicing meditation for a long time can radiate peace and well-being. Meditation is the best tool available to us to find happiness and peace of mind.  Yet, despise it being known, practiced and praised for so long it…

Beauty is everywhere

Beauty is everywhere In the smile of a child In the clouds in the sky In the sparkles in your eyes Beauty is everywhere We just need to notice it we just need to pay attention to it when we see it when we feel it then that is all we need that moment is…

An extraordinary ordinary life

  Life can throw anything at us, but we ALWAYS have the choice on how we react to it. No matter WHAT IS happening we can cry OR we can laugh we can worry OR we can trust we can complain OR we can be grateful we can see the glass half empty OR half…