Beauty is everywhere


Beauty is everywhere

In the smile of a child

In the clouds in the sky

In the sparkles in your eyes

Beauty is everywhere

We just need to notice it

we just need to pay attention to it

when we see it

when we feel it

then that is all we need

that moment is perfect and complete

that moment is beautiful

6 thoughts on “Beauty is everywhere

  1. Now, if we correlate real beauty connected to happy, which I think I do in many ways.
    Happy is everywhere also.
    Beauty and nature seem to be partners.

    So being happy, in my opinion, allows us to see more beauty. As you say beauty is there already, everywhere.
    It is also in a suitcase we carry with us, it is the benefit of living fully, giving and letting go, it is only visible in this moment, disappears when we dissociate.

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