That is not who I am


I am a woman but being a woman is not who I am

I have a job, but my job isn’t who I am

I have a family, but my family isn’t who I am

I have a body, but my body isn’t who I am

I have a country, but my country isn’t who I am

I have beliefs, but my beliefs aren’t who I am

I have thoughts and opinions, but they are not who I am

I have a personality , but this isn’t who I am

I own things, but my things are not who I am

Who am I then?

I AM ME being aware that I am not all that.


We are not the mind

Byron Bay love

The mind is talking always, and we are listening to it.
But we don’t have to.
The mind is talking always and we are identifying with it.
But we don’t have to.
When we realize that we are separate from the mind, then we start to awaken.
If not we spend all our lives in an illusion.
The body is.
We are.
But we are not the body.
The mind is.
We are.
But we are not the mind.

K. Wilson

The meaning of life


What is the meaning of life?

Is it the incessant quest for a future dream object?

The daily building of a future security?

A working path towards retirement?

The search for the happy ending of ever after?

Or is it more noticing what is already there,

what we already have and don’t really need

what our life is full of but that we hardly see

the joy and the love of the present moment

the life and the laughs of the daily instants

the peace and the beauty of nature events

the happiness that is





K. Wilson

The Power of the Mind and Meditation


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Our mind is a powerful tool. Most of the time, we tend to believe what our mind is saying. We hear a voice in our head and we tend to identify with it. Yet whatever is being said isn’t always true. But if we believe all that we hear in our head then our happiness will only depend on our positive thinking. It is great if we are a naturally born optimist but challenging if our mind is wired on fear or self-criticism.

Also our emotions are strongly linked with our thoughts. If our mind tends to worry about something in the future, we then tend to experience fear in the present moment. It does not mean that this worry will actually happen, it may or it may not. But in the meantime we have created stress for ourselves by listening to those thoughts.Whatever the mind is saying, it will create an emotional response in our body.We have a tendency to spend most of our life reacting and responding to our thoughts without questioning. Yet what if it could be different?

We hold the power within ourselves to change our thoughts and even to stop our mind at once.And when we become able to control our mind, we also become in control of how we experience life.The best tool I know that can bring us this new quality of life is the practice of meditation.

With regular practice, we slowly start managing our thoughts. We become more aware and conscious of all the incessant chatter inside our head. And then we can learn how to completely stop it. Of course it takes time but the peace and happiness that result are definitely worth it.

With meditation regular practice is essential. We can learn different techniques and practice the ones that suit us best. We can join a meditation class in our neighbourhood or enrol in a meditation retreat for a quantum leap in our practice!

Here are 7 Reasons why meditation is good for us and we should start today!:

Health: A stress-free body will repair and heal itself quicker than a stress-full body. Meditation is like fresh air, like healthy food, like physical exercise. It keeps our body and mind in perfect shape and condition.

Happiness: If we learn how to control our mind, then we know how to stop our negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. We then have the power to choose happiness over unhappiness.

Freedom: Meditation will free us from the illusion of the past or the future. It keeps us in the present, the only reality.

Power: Meditation empowers us. We become our own master and we discover the power to create our reality.

Peace: A quiet mind. A peaceful mind. Peace. We can be peaceful no matter what our outside circumstances are.

Charisma: It changes our energy. Our light radiates. We attract and empower other people.

Life: We can start living, really living. We become present. We enjoy life here and now.

Here are a few tips for starting a meditation practice:

Daily practice: This is very important. A minimum of twenty minutes at the beginning is good. But if we have time the longer the better!

Discipline: Doing it at the same time every day can help with the discipline.

Will power: Not listening to all the excuses that our mind will try to bring forth to get out of the meditation. We should do it no matter what!

Right place: It is good to find a quiet place for our practice at home or outdoors and it is better to switch off all our mobile and wi-fi devices.

Persistence: Not giving up! Like everything in life, it can take time before we start experiencing results but as always when they come we are glad we persisted!

Basic technique: A good technique to start with is putting all our attention on our breath. Taking long and deep breath-in and breath-out and just watching it. Becoming conscious of the air entering our lungs before escaping again. And every time we notice ourselves caught in the stream of our random thoughts we just have to come back to watching the breath.



Am I caught in the same pattern again?


Often times we can find ourselves caught up in the same kind of situations in life.
Wether it be the same kind of unhealthy relationship, the same working environment where we feel disrespected or the “one more time” miracle diet that we pray will make us skinny once and for all.
Have we been here before in similar circumstances?
Why are we always attracting these situations?
And yet why not?
Are we doing anything different, have we looked at ourselves and made inside changes?
If not why are we expecting life to do it for us?
Life is giving us what we need to learn about ourselves.
If we are always attracting abusive relationships, what does that say about our self-esteem and self-respect? The day we decide we are deserving of much better and we truly believe it, is the day we will start looking for a partner that will respect us.
The day we will stand up for ourselves in front of an abusive boss because we know everyone is equal and deserve to be treated fairly, including us, is the day we will receive better treatment or we will quit our job for a better one.
The day we accept ourselves as an imperfect human being, the same as everyone else, knowing that we always do the best with what we have, is the day we will stop all the crazy yo-yo diets and start respecting ourselves and our bodies on a daily basis with a healthier lifestyle.
There are no miracle cures for life, there are no miracle tricks that will save us, but we own the power to change ourselves within us.
We are on own saviour.
We owe it to ourselves to take responsibility for our own lives and make the necessary changes that will support our spirit to thrive in this life.
We can all do it, there are no limitations, only the ones we put on ourselves.
And just like that, in an instant, in a moment we can break through these limitations and become free, just by choosing to be.

We are free, we are Spirit.


4 Ways To Let Go Of Stress And Become Present

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Get Rid Of Stress & Find Inner Peace With Karen Wilson

Meditation teacher at  Awaken Meditation Retreats and author of 3 books, Karen Wilson is definitely an inspiring figure you can learn a lot from.

In her mid 20`s, Karen has practiced long periods of meditation which completely changed her health, happiness and the quality of her life. Since then, she has been passionate about spreading the benefits of meditation to the world, to help people find their true self and their true power.

Today, the woman behind ‘7 Illusions: Discover Who You Really Are’ , ‘Meditation Workout: 30 Days – 30 Meditations’, and ‘Awaken: Mindfulness Musings for the Soul’ is here to share with our readers her basic, bu essential, tips on achieving inner piece and balance, without losing contact with your true self. Let’s see what she has for us…

Stress has become a common part of our lives. It is just there and somehow we got used to living with it. There is always something to be concerned about, whether it be our health, our job, our relationships or our finances. It sometimes seems like as soon as a ‘problem’ is resolved it is soon to be replaced by another one. Then we have something else to be worried about that need to be fixed. And most of the time we can’t totally relax until “our main big problem” is solved. But it never seems to end and instead we start accumulating too much stress that will also create more health, family or financial problems. So how can we find some kind of peace in the middle of our mayhem?

It often helps to understand that most of our fears and worries are in our minds. They are often concerning a ‘future’ situation we are trying to avoid. We want to feel secure, in control of our lives and have everything all perfect so we can finally enjoy it. Unfortunately that is not how life works. We will never have it under our control, and our future will never be secure no matter what our minds are trying to make us believe: “once I get that job, all will be well”, “once I buy a house, I will be safe”, “once I get that raise, I will be secure”. Understanding that we can’t really create security helps us let go of the pressure of trying to fix everything to get it perfect and secure. There is nothing to be fixed. So what can we do instead?

First, It is good to know that stressing over the future or any situation won’t help. For example stressing about money won’t make us richer. The best we can do is to first assess if there is anything in our power that will improve that situation, and if there is then we can act on it. But if there isn’t it, then we just have to let it go, stop worrying about it and trust that the situation will take care of itself. So how do we just let go?

The problem when we worry too much about our lives and our future is that we tend to miss out on our present. We tend to be so caught up in our minds that we forget to just live and enjoy the precious moments in our days. In order to let go of our stress we need to come back to the present moment. How can we become more present? Here’s a few tips:

1. Breath

Every time we notice ourselves caught into the maze of our thoughts we need to remember to take a deep breath. That deep breath will bring us back here, now, in the present where we stand, and where we are safe. In that moment our future worries are not ‘there’, they are not ‘real’. But WE are here, now, and we are alright.

2. Awareness

We can become more present by paying attention to what’s around us NOW. Right now: what am I seeing? What am I hearing? What I am feeling? What am I tasting? Reconnecting with our five senses shifts our attention from our illusionary thoughts back to our experience of the moment. Then we can really make the most of it and enjoy it fully.


3. Nature

Taking some time in nature is important for each of us. It is soothing and grounding. It helps reconnect to a slower pace of living which we used to have before fast paced cities and technology. It is important to make some time to slow down and enjoy a forest or beach walk, or just sit in a park if we are in a city. We always feel better after having spent half an hour in nature.

4. Meditation

Taking up meditation is not the easiest thing to do. Our busy minds don’t like sitting down for half an hour and like giving us all kind of excuses to avoid it. Yet learning to meditate, and practicing regularly will help us to become in control of our mind instead of being controlled by it. Moreover,meditation can help us access these moments of deep peace which happen when all thoughts stop.Meditation may seems like hard work but on the long term it is one of the best way to de-stress and enjoy a more peaceful life.

In the end no matter what our favourite way of de-stressing is, it is necessary to incorporate it in our daily life. Our mental wellbeing is very important and to be honest we are not going to miss out on anything if we take half an hour time out daily in nature or in meditation. Our ‘problems’ may still be there when we come back but our thoughts about them would be gone. And that’s what peace is all about!