What is happiness?


Happiness is not something we will find outside.
We tend to believe that once we get the ‘thing’ (job, money, partner, fame etc) then we will be finally happy for the rest of our lives.
But what we find out is that when we finally get this ‘thing’ , happiness is only short lived. It doesn’t take long before something else is missing. So we start running again after this new ‘thing’ believing that after that we will be happy. But the same story keeps on repeating itself over and over again, because happiness isn’t in outside “things”.Happiness needs to be found inside ourselves. Happiness is a state of mind not a state of ‘things’.      So the search needs to do a u-turn.But once this state of happiness is find then it is there always, no matter what ‘things’ we have or don’t have.


9 thoughts on “What is happiness?

  1. I like this… “Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of ‘things’.” A good way to remember what happiness is… thank you, for this was a good thing to wake up to.

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  2. I agree.
    “we have or don’t have.”
    If we want sadness or joy. Must fall into place and emotion. How we live and think. It is our choose. Thank you for your amazing poetry and thoughts..


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