This special place

Find the place within you where all is still. Where there is no past, where there is no future. The place where peace is, away from the over crowded mind. The place where you can feel the bliss of being and the perfection of life. The place where all life’s problems suddenly disappear because all … More This special place

Awaken now

When we go for a walk, what is more real: the experience of the walk or what is being said by our mind?Why are we walking looking down at our feet paying more attention to the stream of our thoughts than the colour of the sky?Why is so much attention being wasted listening to random … More Awaken now

Call of the Soul

When the mind stops, the spirit is heard Behind the words resides our eternal peace In a moment the truth can be feel Right here, right now in between two words that the mind is telling there is a space where our soul is speaking Shh, shh mind let me hear this silence that`s me … More Call of the Soul


Stop the mind NOW!If what is being said in your head has nothing to do with what surrounds you now, it is NOT real.You don’t have to listen to it. K.Wilson