Alcohol, Drugs & Entities



This post is quite different from what I normally write, but when situations keep repeating themselves somehow they become important. I feel today I need to write about this. But where to start? I’ve realised that what I have learnt years ago is still unknown to many or deny or not talk about. Yet drugs, alcohol & entities are an issue in our western society.

Entities. What is that?  Please stay with me and keep your mind open as you read this as it may seems crazy, ‘out there’ or stupid for many. You first need to know that I have no religion, but I do believe in a spiritual reality, not because I was born into this kind or belief or drag into it later in my life, but because I had experiences in the past which made me change my view of this world. All I talk or write about in my blogs and books, is what I know because I have lived and experienced it and still do.

So back to entities. In a nutshell, entities are non incarnated beings, sometimes dead human souls, which are stuck on this plane because they haven’t been able to move on or don’t want to. They are of a dense energy/vibration. Many are negative and don’t have our higher good in mind. They can be in pain or they can be lost but they are definitely not happy beings. They mostly feed on fear and anger, that’s what they thrive on. They don’t have a physical body of their own but they can attach themselves or sometimes enter and possess an already existing living body. Yours, mine, anyone, if we let them.

Now drugs and alcohol are the doors they are looking for. When we get drunk or get high we start “disconnecting ” from our physical body, we drift, we fly, we are not 100% in there. And like any house when we leave our doors open we invite strangers into our space. That’s all they are waiting for. The more we drink, the higher we get, the more they can get in and take possession of the body. Then they can do what they want. We then lose control, do things, say things which are not true to us, which can hurt others, which we often regret later. I have seen angels becoming demons. I have seen faces becoming dark. I have seen the light in someone eyes changing to scary stare. I had to hide because I couldn’t recognise  who was in front of me. I had to run because all of a sudden there was someone else and I was in danger. Have ever you witnessed these kind of changes in people?

Possessions do exist, unfortunately. In most cases, people just get drunk on the week-end, do a few silly things and life keeps going on. But sometimes it can get bad, people can get really hurt, or we can hurt ourselves and mess up our lives.

Maybe it is time to stop idolising this drinking culture we have in our western society.

And by the way why did we name alcohol “Spirits”?





The ultimate goal is not financial or material success, never was and never will. How much of that can we use once we are dead?
No the ultimate and only aim is self-realisation.

How much we have learned, how we have grown, how we have changed.

It is not what we create outside of us that matters, but what we do with ourselves.
We are our biggest creation.


Our destiny


We are the master of our destiny.
We shouldn’t let anyone or anything decide how we should live our life.
We came here to walk our own path and no one but ourselves know which way it goes.
The map lies within us and only by listening to our heart do we know which road to follow.
We need to trust ourselves always, as only we know what’s best for us.
K. Wilson .

Quinoa salad


This recipe is really easy and REALLY good 

. 1 cup quinoa ( cook in 1 1/2 water)
. 2 tomatoes , cut in small dices
. Half a zucchini, cut in small dices
. Small block of feta cheese ( cut in small cubes)
. 1 grated carrot
. Fresh snow peas
. Lots of fresh herbs: coriander, parsley, basil, chives

In this one I have added some grated beetroot, and half an avocado

Season with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, and juice of 1 lemon




Take action now


We are not here forever, we can’t spend our days doing things we don’t like for an uncertain future.
We owe it to ourselves to find something we like, do it every day and make a living out of it. We can’t no longer use excuses or fear or victimisation or blame others or fate for our lives. Because that doesn’t serve us and won’t help us. We need to stop procrastinating and start acting now to make the changes we need to live the life that we want.
Life is short, way too short.
And we don’t know when it will end for us.

We need to live not survive.
We need to be happy.
We need to create a life that when we
wake up in the morning we are grateful for another awesome day.
This is our lives.
This is your life.

K. Wilson.

People Power: Our Health, Our Planet


Natural, Organic & Sustainable

Why are we still buying and covering our bodies with beauty products which are as detrimental for us as they are for the environment?
We have great power in our society as consumers. Indeed this is pretty much the only power we have left. Media, lobbyists, big companies are always trying to control us into buying and doing what they want us to do, so they can become richer and more powerful. But only few have got our best interest at heart even though they always claim their latest beauty product is revolutionary and will finally stop us from ageing and makes us look like a top model! As if! It’s always the same products only with new packaging and new media campaign. Truth is they are still full of chemicals that are causing cancer, loaded with palm oil which is destroying our rainforest and killing orang-outans and instead of making us younger they are making us ageing faster. The skin is the biggest organ of the body. What we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. Then our body is trying its best to get rid of all the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals. But it doesn’t really have time for it as day after day we just put more layers on ourselves. Then we get sick as our bodies can’t cope any longer.
Yes these products are ‘cheaper’ on the shelf, but really what is the real cost?
How much our health is worth? How much is our planet worth?
We have the power to change things. As consumers it is our choice and responsibility where and how we spend our money. If we stop buying crap they will have to stop selling us crap. Our society is profit oriented not people or planet oriented. But if WE, the people who actually care, decide to only support companies that also genuinely care for humans and the environment, they we can change the status quo. Money is power. Who we give our money to is who we are choosing to represent us. And it also represents who we choose to be and what kind of future we want for ourselves and the next generations.
It is time to move from destructive habits and low quality products towards healthier choices, healthier products and companies who are in harmony with nature and our bodies.
K. Wilson


Am I caught in the same pattern again?


Often times we can find ourselves caught up in the same kind of situations in life.
Wether it be the same kind of unhealthy relationship, the same working environment where we feel disrespected or the “one more time” miracle diet that we pray will make us skinny once and for all.
Have we been here before in similar circumstances?
Why are we always attracting these situations?
And yet why not?
Are we doing anything different, have we looked at ourselves and made inside changes?
If not why are we expecting life to do it for us?
Life is giving us what we need to learn about ourselves.
If we are always attracting abusive relationships, what does that say about our self-esteem and self-respect? The day we decide we are deserving of much better and we truly believe it, is the day we will start looking for a partner that will respect us.
The day we will stand up for ourselves in front of an abusive boss because we know everyone is equal and deserve to be treated fairly, including us, is the day we will receive better treatment or we will quit our job for a better one.
The day we accept ourselves as an imperfect human being, the same as everyone else, knowing that we always do the best with what we have, is the day we will stop all the crazy yo-yo diets and start respecting ourselves and our bodies on a daily basis with a healthier lifestyle.
There are no miracle cures for life, there are no miracle tricks that will save us, but we own the power to change ourselves within us.
We are on own saviour.
We owe it to ourselves to take responsibility for our own lives and make the necessary changes that will support our spirit to thrive in this life.
We can all do it, there are no limitations, only the ones we put on ourselves.
And just like that, in an instant, in a moment we can break through these limitations and become free, just by choosing to be.

We are free, we are Spirit.