People Power: Our Health, Our Planet


Natural, Organic & Sustainable

Why are we still buying and covering our bodies with beauty products which are as detrimental for us as they are for the environment?
We have great power in our society as consumers. Indeed this is pretty much the only power we have left. Media, lobbyists, big companies are always trying to control us into buying and doing what they want us to do, so they can become richer and more powerful. But only few have got our best interest at heart even though they always claim their latest beauty product is revolutionary and will finally stop us from ageing and makes us look like a top model! As if! It’s always the same products only with new packaging and new media campaign. Truth is they are still full of chemicals that are causing cancer, loaded with palm oil which is destroying our rainforest and killing orang-outans and instead of making us younger they are making us ageing faster. The skin is the biggest organ of the body. What we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. Then our body is trying its best to get rid of all the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals. But it doesn’t really have time for it as day after day we just put more layers on ourselves. Then we get sick as our bodies can’t cope any longer.
Yes these products are ‘cheaper’ on the shelf, but really what is the real cost?
How much our health is worth? How much is our planet worth?
We have the power to change things. As consumers it is our choice and responsibility where and how we spend our money. If we stop buying crap they will have to stop selling us crap. Our society is profit oriented not people or planet oriented. But if WE, the people who actually care, decide to only support companies that also genuinely care for humans and the environment, they we can change the status quo. Money is power. Who we give our money to is who we are choosing to represent us. And it also represents who we choose to be and what kind of future we want for ourselves and the next generations.
It is time to move from destructive habits and low quality products towards healthier choices, healthier products and companies who are in harmony with nature and our bodies.
K. Wilson


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