This special place

Find the place within you where all is still. Where there is no past, where there is no future. The place where peace is, away from the over crowded mind. The place where you can feel the bliss of being and the perfection of life. The place where all life’s problems suddenly disappear because all…

Outer peace & Innerpeace

Peace isn’t something outside ourselves. We don’t experience peace when all our life’s problems are finally solved, as this will never happen.We only experience peace when all thoughts about “problems” finally stopped.When our mind is at peace then it doesn’t matter if our life is or not.Peace is internal.Peace is when our mind isn’t.Peace is…

Call of the Soul

When the mind stops, the spirit is heard Behind the words resides our eternal peace In a moment the truth can be feel Right here, right now in between two words that the mind is telling there is a space where our soul is speaking Shh, shh mind let me hear this silence that`s me…


Stop the mind NOW!If what is being said in your head has nothing to do with what surrounds you now, it is NOT real.You don’t have to listen to it. K.Wilson

What is happiness?

Happiness is not something we will find outside.We tend to believe that once we get the ‘thing’ (job, money, partner, fame etc) then we will be finally happy for the rest of our lives.But what we find out is that when we finally get this ‘thing’ , happiness is only short lived. It doesn’t take…


Freedom is a state of mind We are free when we are able to choose our thoughts We are free when we are present with our emotions without getting too much affected by them We are free when we can find that space inside of us where everything is calm and perfect. We are free…


Living What is the real meaning of life?Gathering as much money as we can before dying?Spending most of our youth working before finally resting when the body is then too old to enjoy?Always planning for the future thinking that when we’ll have everything under control then we will be fine?Missing out on the present because…


Thoughts and emotions are just like clouds passing by over a blue sky. But no matter how big the storm gets, it changes nothing to the very nature of the sky. K. WILSON

Who are you?

Who are you?Are you the body?Are you the mind?Are you the emotion?Are you all of that?Are you none of them?Who are you?

Remember and smile

Even in our darkest times, Even in our darkest days, Even in our darkest moments, There is always light There is always love. We just need to remember it, Find it, See it, Feel it, And smile. We are alright.