We are just having an experience

There’s no yesterday, there’s no tomorrow, there’s only now. Just a succession of moments in the present. In the moment we are experiencing a thought and an emotion through an external trigger. Yet we are none of them. We are just the one having the experience. K.Wilson My latest inspirational ebook ‘Awaken’ is finally available…

The race that is life

What are we running after? Work, money, possessions? For what? Security, safety, peace, freedom, happiness? And do we end up getting all that once we win the race? What if it was already there? What if we already had everything? What if what we were looking for have never been outside of us? What if…

Mindfulness and a cup of coffee

Mindfulness and a cup of coffee. What is mindfulness really? It is very common nowadays to use the term mindfulness in all sorts of circumstances. Yet are we really mindful and using it rightly? Being mindful is actually being mindless. We can`t be mindful if we are caught in our thinking. Our thinking is always…

Free Will

When you have a ‘negative’ thought, fear/ worries or other, ask yourself: “Does this thought serve me?” If it doesn’t, change it. Choose another one. You have that freedom. You have that power.

The real secret!

“Do you want to know a secret? : You are NOT your mind.” K.Wilson

Who are you?

Who are you?Are you the body?Are you the mind?Are you the emotion?Are you all of that?Are you none of them?Who are you?


  Behind the clouds I AM In the quietness I reside At peace I always AM Inside I will be found In the space in between thoughts THERE I AM   K.Wilson


Leap of faith. When we get to that time in our lives when we feel very unhappy with our circumstances, whether it be our job, relationships etc., we know change needs to happen. Yet we are too scared to make a move. We rather stay with the false comfort of what we know rather than…