The problem of our minds

There’s a thing about « A problem », it only exists when we think about it and it will take as much space as we choose to give it. Right now, right here if we take a deep breath and let go of our thoughts about the problem then for a few seconds it’s gone. Right here…

Free will

We can change and choose our thoughts.

I have forgotten

I will not forget to help everyone remember who they really are.

Let`s wake up

No matter how difficult our lives are on the outside, the most dangerous storm is the one happening inside our heads. It is the only one that can break us. But what we need to know and remember is that no matter how big this storm get it can disappear in a second. Right NOW,…


Stop the mind NOW!If what is being said in your head has nothing to do with what surrounds you now, it is NOT real.You don’t have to listen to it. K.Wilson

What is happiness?

Happiness is not something we will find outside.We tend to believe that once we get the ‘thing’ (job, money, partner, fame etc) then we will be finally happy for the rest of our lives.But what we find out is that when we finally get this ‘thing’ , happiness is only short lived. It doesn’t take…

without beliefs

Who are you without your beliefs?The beliefs of your religion the beliefs of your society the beliefs of your family the beliefs of your peers the beliefs of yourself about yourself Who are you when you remove all beliefs? And who do you think you would be if you were born into another country another…

The real secret!

“Do you want to know a secret? : You are NOT your mind.” K.Wilson