The problem of our minds

There’s a thing about « A problem », it only exists when we think about it and it will take as much space as we choose to give it.

Right now, right here if we take a deep breath and let go of our thoughts about the problem then for a few seconds it’s gone.

Right here right now there’s no problem, there is only peace.

Our mind will name it « problem »while in truth it’s just an uncomfortable situation. In time it will heal itself, always.

And then it’s up to us to choose to focus on another « problem » or not.

K. Wilson

Free will


Free will and life

Not everything is as we want it to be, or as we try and force it to be, right? We are all young and happy thinking we are invincible and that life belongs to us.
Then along the way, no matter what we do or don’t do, we get hurt, we get sick, we get old. We experience pain and we experience loss.
No matter how hard we try we can’t avoid this and we can’t control Life.
We are not always free to choose all that happens to us.
So where is our free will then?
Our free will is what we do with what we have been given.
It is how we respond to Life.
It is what we do with our perception and our thoughts.
As I always say, we can always cry or laugh no matter what is happening around us.
We can change and choose our thoughts.
We can be miserable or we can be happy.
And that’s true freedom.
That’s our free will.
K. Wilson

I have forgotten


I have forgotten

what it feels like to have a busy mind,

I have forgotten

what it feels like to never have space in between thoughts,

I have forgotten

how I couldn’t look at things without judging them,

I have forgotten

what it feels like to hear words in my head without pause,

I have forgotten

how I used to be still without any stillness,

I have forgotten

the fear of thinking I could be crazy,

I have forgotten

how I used to lose myself in the anxiety of the future,

I have forgotten

how I used to lose myself in the memories of the past,

I have forgotten

how I just didn’t know how to live the present.

Now I remember,

And I look around me to all these faces who are still asleep

and oh, I wish I could wake them up

show them the beauty of life

teach them how to stop their minds

and make them feel the peace of Now.

I have forgotten

but I will not forget

to help everyone remember

who they really are.


Let`s wake up


No matter how difficult our lives are on the outside, the most dangerous storm is the one happening inside our heads. It is the only one that can break us.
But what we need to know and remember is that no matter how big this storm get it can disappear in a second.

Right NOW, with a big breath and a smile, right HERE and it is gone.

We are the only ones creating this storm and the only one who can uncreate it.
We don’t need to wait for the storm to pass, we can just get out of it anytime.
And then we can see that it was made of nothing but thoughts.
Just air.
Just an illusion.
The storm was never real in the first place but yet all we could see was lightning, all we could hear was thunder. This is how strong the illusion of the mind can be and also how devastating it is when we are caught up in it.
Remember thoughts have no substance. They are not real.

It is not because we hear something in our heads that it is true.
Let’s wake up now.

K. Wilson