Let`s wake up


No matter how difficult our lives are on the outside, the most dangerous storm is the one happening inside our heads. It is the only one that can break us.
But what we need to know and remember is that no matter how big this storm get it can disappear in a second.

Right NOW, with a big breath and a smile, right HERE and it is gone.

We are the only ones creating this storm and the only one who can uncreate it.
We don’t need to wait for the storm to pass, we can just get out of it anytime.
And then we can see that it was made of nothing but thoughts.
Just air.
Just an illusion.
The storm was never real in the first place but yet all we could see was lightning, all we could hear was thunder. This is how strong the illusion of the mind can be and also how devastating it is when we are caught up in it.
Remember thoughts have no substance. They are not real.

It is not because we hear something in our heads that it is true.
Let’s wake up now.

K. Wilson

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  1. Marty says:

    Thoughts r air without some action

    Liked by 1 person

    1. karenwilson says:

      yes Marty, they have no substance, no reality 🙂


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