Quinoa salad

This recipe is really easy and REALLY good  . 1 cup quinoa ( cook in 1 1/2 water) . 2 tomatoes , cut in small dices . Half a zucchini, cut in small dices . Small block of feta cheese ( cut in small cubes) . 1 grated carrot . Fresh snow peas . Lots … More Quinoa salad

This special place

Find the place within you where all is still. Where there is no past, where there is no future. The place where peace is, away from the over crowded mind. The place where you can feel the bliss of being and the perfection of life. The place where all life’s problems suddenly disappear because all … More This special place

What is Love?

What is love? love is what remains when we let go of fear love is what hides behind our worries love is what is waiting patiently behind our anger love is in our heart while we are busy thinking in our head love is what we are love is who we are love is