Be yourself

meditation retreat

Just be yourself

don`t try or pretend to be someone else

just be who you are

you are perfect as you are

shine your light

don`t be scared

don`t worry about what other people think

don`t pay attention to what other people do

they all have their own fears, worries and insecurity, trying to hide them by also wishing to be someone else.

if you were not good enough, you wouldn`t be there in the first place.

Let go of judgments

Let go of fears

Embrace who you are, all that you are

Let go of perfection, it does not exist

Everything is OK, you will be fine.

Just be yourself

You are alive, you exist! That itself is amazing.

Enjoy that life

Share all your talents to the world, you have so many!

Just be yourself

Just BE

14 thoughts on “Be yourself

  1. Reblogged this on roseversusblackdog and commented:
    Check out this lovely message from a lovely person.

    (I’m still working out my authentic self is but when I find it I hope to share with unapologetic courage xx)


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