50% off e-book for self-development

Here is a bit more about me…

Until 10 years ago, I was suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions, unhappiness… until life guided me on a spiritual path… I discovered meditation… I was jobless and pretty much living on the street then so I had plenty of time to learn and practice. I read a lot of self- help books and started meditated daily. Not much at first, I was very struggling, my mind was very busy. But I persevered and stayed longer and longer each time. It helped me. It saved me. Then I could not stop! For the next five years I spent about 5 hours a day meditating. I learned a lot, especially about myself. Now I am very happy, free from any addictions or mental disorder. I know who I am and I love life. Now I can and want to help others to find what I did, this is priceless. This blog, book and the retreats I teach are tools and guidance for just that. Please feel free to share with anyone that would benefit.

Here`s a coupon code for the 50% discount on Smashwords: XD77S . Limited time only, share coupon with your friends. Thanks for writing a review later on if you have time. Enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “50% off e-book for self-development

    • Hi Karen,   I got it! Thanks. I’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks after I read through it. You can expect 5-7 questions from me then. I’ll need an author photo, book jpeg, and your social media links. I’ll do promotion for the blog on facebook and twitter. Look forward to working with you!   Ellis 


  1. What a strange piece of synchronicity! I buy your book on Kindle and a short while later I find you have liked a post on my blog. I have moved your book up my virtual pile of planned reads and I will have a closer look at your blog. It maps onto so much that I am fascinated by. Thanks for your visit.


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