Emotion is an illusion



There are two types of pain: physical pain, which is as much real as our body is, and emotional pain which is as much an illusion as our mind is. What is it with our emotions? Are they real? What if they were not? What if they were just a product of our imagination? Life is emotions, living is experiencing emotions. So what does it mean that emotional pain is an illusion? We experience it as a strong feeling. It can even manifest into a physical pain, sometimes we can feel it in our heart, sometimes deep in our belly. And it feels so real, it feels so painful. Yet, if at that moment we decide to change our focus to a positive thought, the pain can dissolve and may be replaced with a joyful feeling. We may then forget it even happened. Was it real?


Everything is energy, our thoughts, our physical body, and our emotions. We are energies vibrating at different levels, and different speeds. If these vibrations rise very high, matter will disappear; the physical body will disappear, as well as all heavy thoughts and emotions. If we lower our vibrations, we feel very dense and heavy, crave heavy, unhealthy food, hold dark thoughts and desires, and experience negative emotions. Pain and all other negative emotions only exist at a certain vibration. Depending on which frequency our energy is, we will experience different kind of thoughts and emotions. If we are in bliss, nothing can touch us or cause us pain. On the contrary if we are caught in a dark spiral, everything will be a challenge and cause us to suffer. In both cases the outside world is exactly the same, but the difference in energy and vibration will determine our experience. It will determine what we will see, think and feel. It is all very subjective. The quality of our energy determines the quality of our life.


Emotions are the main cause of our suffering. If we don`t experience emotions then there is nothing. There is no pain, no desire, no suffering. Without emotion we just see life as it exactly is, with a clear perception and without any projections. Without emotion we just become watcher of this movie we are playing. We do not try to change it or wish for it to be different because we REALLY DON`T MIND how it is and how it will end up. Without emotion there is no suffering.


Emotional suffering is in the mind and the mind only. The pain we experience exists because there is a dichotomy between what is and what we want. We want something that is not there, or we don`t want something that is there. Therefore we are not happy and suffer. We are driven by all our desires and yet despite all we have, we are never satisfied. Always wanting is the main cause of our suffering. Acceptance and surrender are the tools that will free us. Whether we have nothing or we have it all, we will always want more. We always want what we don`t have, and we are never fulfilled with what we have. This is the problem of the mind as we’ve seen previously. Liberation from suffering will come when we stop fighting against life, and when we start being happy with what we have and who we are.

Excerpt from 7Illusions

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  1. I know, therefore i'm divine says:

    Hypothetically speaking if a human being(particularly a wiccan) soul is in the process of reawakening it’s true consciousness (remembering the divine truth that is life, free will and real love that comes from within) at a pretty remarkable pace,let’s say within one life cycle aged about 22 started remembering their divine mission and possibly a reason as to why their human life cycle feels like its been preparing their soul to be impenetrable, infinitely full of unconditional love and hope and a sense of knowing that they have higher purpose. Could that wiccan through shear might transform herself into a goddess of some sorts and recreate this universe to one without the shackles and negative emotions of humanity where love and peace reign. A universe where hatred, fear and jealousy don’t exist?


    1. karenwilson says:

      A universe within or a universe outside?


  2. Prakash Mishra says:

    Thank you


    1. karenwilson says:

      You’re welcome 😊


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