The mind is an illusion

You are the watcher, You are the listener, You are the awareness, You are the presence behind the mind, You Are. K. Wilson

How to Stop Worrying

This video may be helpful for those who tend to have an overthinking mind and an over worrying mind.

Our life is our teacher

Who are we to decide what is right or wrong? How do we know if a person wrongdoing maybe another one life’s lesson? My worst experiences have been my best experiences. Why? Because my difficulties and hardships have given me more strength, wisdom and empowerment than my happiest times. I’m forever grateful for the pain,…

Who are we choosing to be?

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves. We need to start giving more to receive more. Find peace within before expecting it outside. Learning to love ourselves so we can love others. Be ready to question our system of beliefs to create a new society system. We can be all, create all, become…

Still waiting for Prince Charming?

There is no short cut to happiness and there is no “future” miracle possession that will bring it to us. No matter how much we fill our life with stuff, nothing will ever fill up a bottomless emptiness. If we are not happy now the “future things” ( house, dream job, Prada shoes, Prince Charming)…

We are not the mind

The mind is talking always, and we are listening to it.
But we don’t have to.

4 Ways To Let Go Of Stress And Become Present

Originally Posted on LaMav Blog on February 23, 2016   Get Rid Of Stress & Find Inner Peace With Karen Wilson Meditation teacher at  Awaken Meditation Retreats and author of 3 books, Karen Wilson is definitely an inspiring figure you can learn a lot from. In her mid 20`s, Karen has practiced long periods of…