From fear or from love?



All our actions, our words and our thoughts either stem from fear or from love.

Am I really making choices because I go for what I want or because I am scared I can’t have what I want?

Am I staying in a job because I love it or because I am scared I won’t find anything better?

Am I staying in any situation because I am happy or because I am scared of change?

Am I thinking of the future anxiously or trustfully?

Am I speaking kindly or protectively?

And how am I talking to myself?

Am I putting myself down?

Feeling guilty, unworthy, not good enough?

What If I was important too.

What if I was respecting myself,

Loving myself,

Taking care of myself.

What if I was allowed to be happy too,

To choose my life,

To change my path.

What if I started encouraging myself.

Talking kind words,

Thinking good thoughts,

And acting with love and compassion towards myself.

What If today I started choosing love over fear?



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