Material success isn’t the goal

We can’t remember what we came down here to experience. 
It’s absolutely not about material success unless this is bringing some lessons on self power, self belief or self trust.
Maybe we chose to incarnate to experience failure, poverty and lack also for the same lessons: to see how strong we are, how resilient and how to trust ourselves no matter what life throws at us.
We can’t judge anyone on their level of material achievements or lack of it. 
We should only look for how strong and kind a person soul is. 
Life is working us in different and mysterious ways.
Each path is different, and each one is worthy. Because each path is perfect for teaching the lessons that the Spirit needed to growth.
We signed up for it, no matter what it is, because we knew we could do it, no matter how hard and challenging.
Embrace your life, it is your gift.
K. Wilson .

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