10 Steps to help the planet and create a better future

« Anyone who thinks you can have infinite growth on a finite planet is either a madman or an economist. »
Kenneth Boulding.
Not that many economists in our governments but madmen surely.
We as a species may not survive unless we make changes.
We as consumers are the only ones who can drive theses changes.
What we demand and the kind of goods we buy are what will drive tomorrow’s economy.
We can have a perfect sustainable healthy future economy and planet if we make the right moves now.
Where is our power ?
. Buy local as much as you can.
. Buy less and buy better.
. Quality over quantity.
. Sustainable over convenient.
. Renewable over single use.
. Boycott the big profit driven corporation.
. Support the small business who are trying to make a difference.
. Unfollow vain celebrities and support instead the ones trying to make a positive impact.
. Live with purpose and integrity.
. Keep your energy up and don’t buy into the media ‘s negativity. . Small acts done by many people will change the world.
. Do your best, and do it with love 💗.

Are you with me ?

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