Nothing to do, Nowhere to be, but here: Breathe

Be still.
Center yourself.
Take a deep breath.
Stay HERE.
There’s nothing to do.
There’s nowhere to go.
Keep on breathing slowly.
Right now, you’re alright.
NOW is the time to control your mind.
Don’t listen to the fearful thoughts.
You can’t escape them anymore by keeping busy but you CAN choose other thoughts to tell yourself and start believing in.
You will be alright.
You ARE alright.
K. Wilson.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would add..Dodon’t believe your thoughts, they are not real anyway. Trying to replace thoughts by others doesn’t do it. It’s seeing beyond thoughts that work. Like a music in the background, we listen to it but we don’t really pay attention. Thanks Karen xx


    1. karenwilson says:

      I totally agree 🙂 but for some people it’s too hard to do, it’s easier for them to replace negative thoughts with a positive one because their thoughts are never in the background they take first place and make too much noise and create too much fear. At least a positive thought change the emotion for them.
      But other than that i’m with you 100% on what you’re saying! x


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