How to meditate: 4 important steps


1.  The right place

You need to find the right setting first. A place where you will not be disturbed. No one is supposed to walk in the room to ask you what`s for dinner. Tell your partner and kids that for the next 20 minutes you are not here. No phone. No music. No outside distractions. You can meditate inside or outside. Meditating in nature is wonderful, the energies there support the process. But if you are outside make sure your mind will not be worried about insects/ snakes/ spiders that could crawl on you while you sit with your eyes closed. That would spoil the fun. If that`s the case, stay inside.

Now sit down (cross-legged is better), or sit on a chair. Don`t lie down or you`ll fall asleep. Make sure you are comfortable. You can use pillows to support your hips or knees. You need to stay there for a minimum of twenty minutes.

2. The breath

Breathing is very important in meditation, especially at the beginning. The quicker and shallow your breath is, the faster your mind will be. Meditation aims to slow, quiet and silent the mind. So first concentrate on slowing down your breath and on having deep breaths. Do that for a few minutes, until you feel calmer. After let it go, let it be.

3. The techniques

There are different meditation techniques available. But there all can be grouped into two categories: visualization or mindfulness techniques. One uses the mind, the other tries to dissolve the mind. Both are equally good and beneficial. Some meditation schools prefer their students to focus on one single technique until they master it. I teach my students to practice both so they can master both. You can learn how to use your mind properly when needed and also how to stop the mind when it is not needed. You choose what you want to do. There is no right or wrong.

I will share different meditation techniques as we go. Right now you can sit down, breathe and enjoy the feeling of peace that meditation brings.

4. The discipline

This is the most important step of all. If you want to learn meditation, regularity is necessary. If you want to know what meditation can do for you, no need to read books about it, you will have to experience it. Regular practice is vital. Nothing may happen for a while, or you may find it too difficult, but if you commit to it you will one day feel the benefits. Start with 20 minutes daily, wake up earlier if you have to. Enjoy, this can change your life.





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    Great simple yet effective post and rainbow pic!

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