Stairway to Heaven


Stairway to heaven

 Paradise is not at the end of a road.

Happiness is not dependent on the getting of something:”I’ll be finally happy when I get that house, car, money, dress,etc “.

There’s no step to get to that happiness.

Happiness is right here, once we drop all thoughts on how things should be.

Happiness is right now when we experience the peace that wait for us in the present moment.

We will never get happy, we ARE happy or we are not, and that is our choice to make at each moment of our life.

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  1. Marty says:

    Our society, school systems, media commercials light a path that does not lead to any happiness.

    It took me having C-PTSD, suffering for years to find first healing then at least, where happiness existed, thrived. I found what happiness was from the Buddhists and Neuroscientists not the therapists or psychologists.

    No one teaches us what happiness is. Through all the schooling, colleges and universities, I never had a clue where or what happiness was.

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