Life and its problems


How can we stay zen and happy when life is throwing challenges towards us?

How can we still smile when inside we feel like crying?

How are we holding on when our mind is full of fears and worries?

How do we keep on going when our soul is longing to escape?

Why should we keep on living when we dream of dying?

Because behind every clouds there is a blue sky

Because the sun rises every day

Because there is hope

Because there is change

Because there is always love

Because as long as we are alive we can always survive

We can trust

We can live

We can love

We can always find some light in our darkest day

We can always experience the peace behind the fears

We can always find some beauty surrounding us

We can trust that no matter how big our problems are we’ll make it

We always did and we always will

and we can always smile and say

I am here, I am alright

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