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Believe in yourself

Believe in love

Believe in life

Believe in miracles

Believe that all will be well

Believe that all is perfect

Believe that you will be fine

Believe in your dreams

Believe that you can have them all

your beliefs MAKE YOU who you are

your beliefs CREATE your reality

your beliefs are ONLY your perception

your beliefs shape your experiences

Believe WHAT you WANT to happen

Believe what you want to be

Believe what you want to believe


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  1. Hello I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed this poem. Peace and Blessings


  2. Marty says:

    Believe, then take action.


    Believe this next breath is all there is


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  3. YesRising says:

    Well said. I love it!


  4. David says:

    I believe my life will be full of ups and downs! Happy with that we will take it as it comes … Moment by moment

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