We are not our mind


The mind is not who we are, it is separated from our true self. Same as the body is not us, we are inside a body we are not the body. We have a body and a mind. None of them is who we really are.

So if you don`t like what your mind is saying, don`t listen to it.

If your mind is saying negative things about you, don`t believe it.

If your mind is scared about life, about your future, comfort it.

Act as if the mind is someone else inside your head. Someone very chatty by the way, but yet someone else. If it is annoying stop paying attention, turn away from it. Instead of listening inside, start listening outside. Focus your attention on what is happening around you, become present, use your senses.

What do you see right now?

What do you hear right now?

What do you feel right now?

What do you smell right now?

Change your focus. Leave the mind alone. If you stop paying attention it might just stop for a while. Become quieter. Don`t bother believing its fearful stories. They are not going to help, they are a waste of time, removing you from what you are living right now.

And you know, you are even allowed to change conversation. If you don`t like what the mind is saying, CHANGE your thoughts. Just like that, in a moment, in an instant, choose something else. Instead of ‘I can`t do it’, choose ‘I CAN do it’.

Because you  know what? YOU are the master here. YOU are the one in control. YOU are the only one. YOU are directing your own life, moving your body AND using your mind.

You have the power to change your life. You have the power to change your thoughts.

You have the power to be who you want to be.


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  1. This is so true; it’s always crucial to look at th facts and let then destroy negative thoughts.


  2. Marty says:

    Excellent and simple, so simple,

    I just wrote a post in this vein and then described the ego, the mind you speak of like this,

    The “ego” never sees itself as an equal,
    if you are a pessimist, “I” is unworthy more than worthy,
    if an optimist, “I” is better than most,
    if a narcissist, “I” am always better,
    if mindful, “I” am ignored.

    Listen to those judgments that pop into our head and give control to an entity created for identity..

    Nice post, so true


    1. karenwilson says:

      I like your description Marty


      1. Marty says:

        Mindfully, well it is clear to me that you have been there, no thought, experienced some of life absent of the ego in control, it shows.

        You have a grasp on how simple it really is but how powerful also.

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  3. joedalio says:

    Thank you for the excellent post! I’ve learned recently that it is not the end of the world if negative thoughts enter our mind. In fact, it’s inevitable. The key is to choose not to focus on them and avoid letting them take over. Instead, we can choose whatever thoughts we want to focus on. We have the power, not our thoughts 🙂


    1. karenwilson says:

      yes! We are free to listen to our thoughts or not.
      The thoughts we choose to focus on will affect our emotions and well-being.


  4. mick timpson says:

    Lovely post Karen. In my YogaLife classes we say…just watch, observe but don’t take part in what your mind is doing…after a while it will stop trying to catch your attention and just rest quietly. Keep up the good work. x

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  5. Thank you for this post. A great reminder that we have choice on how to react to things… and how to direct our minds. I was just writing a bit about that today! Thanks again!

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  6. Beautiful Karen. I am now following your blog and look forward to more insightful posts!! Thank you.


  7. smilecalm says:

    mind is not agreeing 🙂


  8. This was one of the first blogs I read of yours and it resonated so deeply with me. I could not agree more! I really appreciate your inputs. This is just to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Feel free to decline; if you are happy to accept, please visit http://presencematters.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/one-lovely-blog-nomination/ for more information 🙂


    1. karenwilson says:

      Thank you Amanda, feeling honored that you nominated me. I`m glad my posts are touching people. However I will keep the blog Award-free for now. Thanks again, love xx


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