I wrote this post a few months ago. These last few days It just kept on popping into my mind, so I thought I may have to re-post it. Here it is:

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What is awakening?

It is waking up from the dream we are living in.

What is the dream?

It is the movie we are watching all day long.

Which movie?

The drama that happens in our head.

Which drama?

The incessant chatter of our own thoughts.

How can we stop it?

Stop watching it, stop listening to it, stop believing in it.


Look around you to what IS real.

Listen around you to What IS being sung.

Look, feel, touch, hear, listen.

Only what IS right now, right here, IS real.




10 thoughts on “AWAKEN

  1. The mind needs training to be at ease when empty, unburdened by the cognitive machinery or the ego.
    It take daily action, to change habit, to awaken a little every breath.


  2. Thank you for resharing! What a great reminder. It really resonates with a couple of posts I’m making this week about acknowledging our thoughts by saying “thank you for sharing” and then moving forward and also the importance of noticing the things around us to bring us back to the present moment. 🙂

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