Zen like


We can choose to live life in the fast lane or in the zen lane.

In the end we will all arrive at the same destination.

In the fast lane we can feel like we are doing many things, we are busy, we don`t have time. If we stop we feel like we are missing out. We think we ought to do something or we are wasting time. But what are we really doing?

In the zen lane we can also do many things, or less. But doing doesn`t really matter. The final result is not the aim, the journey is. We take the time to be along the way. The time to live. We take time to look at the beauty of nature that surround us. Take time to be, talk, listen and share with people. Take time to listen to the music of the birds. Take time to taste our cup of coffee. Take the time to spend time with the people we love. Taking time is not wasting time. By being we are not missing out on doing, but by doing too much we could miss out on being.

It`s not the final destination that count, it`s how we got there.

Rushed, busy, sweaty, tired, exhausted or

Happy, contented, peaceful, zen.

We are all going towards the same end, running or pacing.

It`s not what we do that matter most, it`s how we live.



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  1. Andy says:

    Thank you Karen for this. I have a 13 point todo list at the moment so this is very timely indeed!


    1. karenwilson says:

      Just remember to pause between each task 🙂

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